Friday, August 8, 2014

Lets dehydrate everything.

We have been trying to eat better. We eat much less meat and dairy than we used to. I am contentious of where our food comes from and better yet, we planted a garden with raised beds and all organic soil and seeds. I even purchase organic and free range foods for our pets. I think its important and I wanted to share some of it with you.
Since I don't feed our dog bones or any of those rawhide ears or snouts, I wanted to find him something he could chew on besides everything else that happens to be laying around the house. He loves veggies and fruit so I found some dehydrated sweet potato treats, and boy does he love them. I purchased several brands to be sure it was the potatoes and not the brand, but they are not cheap!

After the third bag, I decided that I could make these myself, so I purchased a food dehydrator and started dehydrating everything!

Here are dehydrated sweet potatoes, zucchini and beets. Oliver, our dog, loves all of them except the beets, which is fine, cause I love them!
After I tried this experiment, I decided that anything is game.

I started to look at other foods differently.  don't really like bananas unless they are green and crunchy, but for some reason I love banana chips! (The pets do too)

Here in Michigan, the summer has been really mild, we have a few warm days followed by cool days so our tomatoes are growing but not ripening fast enough.  We had a warm spell and they grew big but took weeks to ripen so they are large and mushy with not much flavor. Well... I stuck them in the dehydrator to see what would happen, and OMG tomato chips are my new favorite snack. The mushy tomatoes are crisp and bright with color and intense flavor and I can take them with me anywhere to snack on. Love them. Kale is another yummy treat when it is dehydrated. Oh and fruit leather.... throw your over ripe fruit into the blender with some lemon juice, into the dehydrator and boom, you have fruit leather the next day!

Fresh tomatoes with some salt before

A different variety

And after-so good!!