Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Living in Arizona, the changing seasons were less obvious. It was pretty much hot and not so hot. Living in Michigan, I have become aware of the weather, trees and plants changing to get ready for the next season.
Right now the weather is brisk, you could be wearing long pants and a sweater, but I refuse, knowing that winter is right around the corner. The squirrels are gathering food and burying it for the winter.
Our tomato plants are still producing tomatoes, but I am not sure if they will ripen in time.
I have been so impressed by the growing season here, and I wanted to share a couple pics of our tomato bounty.

Cherry tomatoes
Homemade tomato sauce

We are so lucky to have a great farmer's market right downtown. Since we are renting right now, we cannot have a huge garden, only potted plants right now, and the market is a great place to get fresh, local and organic veggies throughout the summer.

Amish grown heirloom tomatoes with locally made mozzarella and basil from our garden. Yum!

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