Friday, September 13, 2013

Courage Tiger goes to Italy

Some of you know that one of my favorite charities is Beads of Courage
and I regularly donate beads and help out however I can.
Courage Tiger is the Beads of Courage mascot and I took him with us to Italy! We took several pics of him in Florence with beads and will attach those photos with the beads to be donated so that it gives the beads another meaning for children that cannot travel due to their current illness. Here are the photos we took.

Hanging out with friends in Firenze Italy

One of my favorite modes of transportation

Next to Italy's famous flowers

Rubbing the boar's nose will bring you good luck and will ensure you come back to Italy!

One of my ancestors?

The beads that we brought

Wearing beads sitting by the Arno looking at the Ponte Vecchio
I am also honored that I have recently been elected the Team Beads of Courage Regional Coordinator for Michigan.
I am super excited to have another opportunity to help out.

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