Thursday, April 24, 2014

These three things

Sometimes life throws things at you to see if you are paying attention. Yesterday we took the puppy for a long walk around the block and through a forested park. I like to explore how nature looks during the different seasons. Lately I have been fascinated at the things that are lying around after all of the snow has melted. There is an enormous amount of trash and decomposing things. While walking I picked up these 3 things all in different places along our walk and did not think twice about them until I got home and set them down.

The wood was going to be a photography display for my beads:

This seed pod looks like an owl:

And this rusted metal was going to be used as a found object in a piece of jewelry:

But after I placed them all on the table, something compelled me to do this:

So, now I have to glue the pieces down, drill a hole in the wood for a hanger and find someplace to hang him.

Next time you are out walking around, see what nature wants you to have.

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