Monday, February 25, 2013

Three days with Hayley Tsang Sather

This last trip to Arizona was fantastic, I wrote about it earlier:

In this post, I wanted to elaborate on my class with Hayley Tsang Sather. The first time I met Hayley was in Oakland at the ISGB Gathering in 2008. She had been making beads with silver glass and getting colors from it that I could only dream about. I was enamored with her work from the first time I saw it. She had a gorgeous bead entered into the silent auction that was very similar to the bead on her postcard. I wanted that bead, had to have it, and luckily, I ended up winning the auction. I love that bead.

I have followed Hayley's work on her website, Facebook and ISGB, and am amazed at how she can tame the silver glass beast. I purchased one of her tutorials and had signed up for her class in February 2012. Well unfortunately, the weekend of her class in Arizona was also the weekend we ended up moving to Michigan, so I was not able to attend. I was bummed, but in the middle of last year I was invited to take Hayley's class in 2013! Woo Hoo. So, at beginning of February, I attended a 3 day class with Hayley and it was fantastic. Hayley has some really great energy, and does not take no for an answer. She showed us some of her techniques and promptly had us design our own bead using some of the techniques she just taught us. Doing that really pushed me out of my comfort zone but in the end it was a success and gave me some confidence. Here are pics from the class:

This is the first bead we learned. Those are CZ's in the centers of the flowers!

This is "my" bead I made after learning color technique from the first demo. 

The second bead we learned.

My spin on the above technique.

And this is the last demo using the murrini we made on the first day, enamels and powders.

This is the bead I purchased from Hayley at her class.

Now back at home, I have been using more silver glass and creating my version of these beads. I especially love the "my own" bead I made in her class and have been making more of those with the new marble mold I bought in Tucson.

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