Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gardening Green

One of my favorite things about summer is being able to walk into your back yard and picking something fresh from the garden to eat. Here is our mini garden supplied with most of the plants we use on a regular basis. And yes, tomatoes. Biting into a tomato right off the vine, still warm from the sun, is still one of my favorite memories from childhood and continues to make me smile every time I get the opportunity to do it again.
This year we came upon a planter called an Earth Box. Its a self watering planter. You fill the planter with water that is stored in the bottom of the planter, when the soil needs water it is wicked up from the reservoir. So far it has worked wonderfully. We planted 3 tomatoes and they are getting big. http://www.earthbox.com/

 Here are the first plants.  
Once we started getting tomatoes, I decided that 3 plants was not enough. I found directions on making your own self watering planter for about half the cost. The one I made is the grey and black planter. I filled with 4 tomatoes, Rosemary and Oregano.   http://www.josho.com/gardening.htm

Sage, Thyme, and Cilantro
Here is the Oregano and Basil. My garden would never be complete without Basil. We use Basil at least 4-5 days a week. It goes with almost anything. Once the tomatoes are ripe, Caprese salad will be a daily lunch special at this house! And a basil martini is delish too!
The Oregano and one of the silver spoon markers I made.


And our garden would never be complete without a chihuahua or two!
Speedy G

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  1. I am so impressed with the tomato plants. Just finished planting 7 more plants that Jason started. Early Girls this time. San Marzano's are doing great at Jason's house, but mine look sad!
    Gonna try the earth box. Love to Pico and Speedy G, they look so happy with all the green grass to play in!