Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New things

This weekend we went sailing; yard sales, estate sales and garage sales.
We went to an estate sale, which is something I have not done since I lived in California, and I forgot how strange and sad it seems. If you have not been to an estate sale before, they are usually held inside someone's home and everything is for sale. These sales are very organized, everything is marked, prices are reasonable, and most everything is negotiable. The strange part is that you are inside someone's home and it looks like they just stepped out for a bit, everything is still in it's place. The sad part is the person that lived there has passed on or has been taken somewhere else and will not be returning.
As I walked around looking, I thought about the person who lived here, were they young or old, alone or a couple, did they have children or pets..... After I decided on a bag of silverware for an art project, I waited in line behind a guy younger than me holding an old picture. The picture was a print named "Old Man Praying", it was in good condition and was in a really decorative frame. I commented on the picture and he informed me that same picture was on the mantle of the house he grew up in and he saw it every day. I was so touched by his story and I began to think about how the person who lived in that house would live on through memories of people they didn't even know. 

Here are my findings from a different yard sale. A dresser in need of some repair, a heavy old mirror (I have a thing for old mirrors), and a vintage purse. For the grand total of $14.00 and they delivered it!

More new things...
I have been inspired by the lakes in Michigan. I have been reading up on them in preparation for summer when we will be going to both Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. They are natural, fresh water lakes with beaches, ports, docks and light houses. I wanted to express my excitement through my art, so I am working on a bead beach theme. Here is what I have done so far. 

Starfish pendants

And here are some more new beads.... 

My favorite beads to make.

My first try at these murini and twisted cane beads. Still working on the colors .

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  1. Love your way of expressing your experiences. Sounds like so much fun, going to sales and buying all the stuff