Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good morning beautiful

Gardening has always been one of my favorite hobbies. When we left Arizona, the plants were green and about ready to start blooming. When we arrived in Michigan, there was snow on the ground, something that is rarely seen in Phoenix. We had no idea what plants lurked under that white stuff in the yard. Now that it is summer, it has been really fun discovering plants and trees that I have never seen in person before. 
Here are some pictures of the plants in our yard.

These are Peonies, they are perennial and there are over 40 species. The petals are so complex and fragile looking, they look like paper flowers. The white ones are the last to bloom and are the most fragrant. They are virtually immune to diseases.  

 Lilies and Irises 

Bulbine Frutescens and Orange Honeysuckle

I look forward to the next set of plants blooming and will keep you posted. 

Those of you who generously found spaces in your homes for my precious collection of cacti and succulents, thank you again.

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