Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sights and sounds of summer

Summer in Michigan is spent outdoors. Downtown is crazy busy, the restaurants and shops are full of people hanging out and the lakes and rivers are full of people boating, kaiaking and canoeing.

Each morning I am awoken by a multitude of different birds chirping and socializing and the squirrels talking to each other.

Yesterday I noticed the cicadas for the first time. The sound they make brings back memories from my childhood.  My grandma lived in an older part of Phoenix since the 40's and she had very mature citrus trees in her backyard. During the summers, we would spend lots of time in her yard playing in the irrigation and collecting the molted cicada skins from the trees.

Lots of time is spent in the yard here too. Since our yard has grass, I got us a Bocce Ball set. I have always wanted one, but playing it on desert landscaping really isn't much fun!

Hope you are finding ways to stay cool and enjoy your summer!

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  1. I love the Bocce Ball set! It reminds me of the summers when I was little, going with Grandpa to the Italian Club and watching all the men play Bocce. It was Grandpa's favorite game as they used to play it in Italy when he was growing up. An amazing tradition the Italians have, rolling a ball in the grass!